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Simbithi Eco-Estate

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Simbithi Eco-Estate is a safe and secure luxury estate situated along the golden coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal North Coast. It attracts thousands of people from all over the world. Its high-quality housing and pristine beauty make it one of the best destinations for travel.

Main Gate to Simbithi Eco-Estate - North Coast Holiday Homes

In this article, you will find:

About Simbithi-Eco Estate:

Simbithi-Eco Estate is located in the heart of the Dolphin Coast, KwaZulu Natal, neighboring the all-so-popular tourism town of Ballito. This vast, 430-hectare expanse of land, established in 2003, Simbithi inherited its name from an extraordinary type of tree. The scientific name of the tree is Millettia Grandis. The indigenous isiZulu-speaking people who once occupied the land many years ago called the tree ‘Umzimbeet’ or ‘Umsimbithi.’ This is directly translated to English; this means ‘Ironwood’ after the density and thickness of the tree’s wood. These trees occupy immense spreads of land throughout the Estate, and the inconspicuous, star-shaped flowers that bloom from each tree release sprays of a magnificent purple colour that lines the lush forests. Simbithi boasts a unique outdoor-centric way of life, finding the perfect blend between modern luxury and the beauty of nature with lush vegetation on your doorstep. Home to a wide variety of wildlife species, including vervet monkeys, bushbucks, and over 200 different kinds of birds that all live in harmony alongside the residents. The tranquil and eco-friendly lifestyle within Simbithi, along with the acute taste for the finer things in life, has attracted people from all over the world. No wonder the population has grown to just over 1,000 people since it was established 18 years ago.

The purple, star-shaped flower that blooms from the Ironwood tree within Simbithi Eco-Estate - North Coast Holiday Homes

What Does Simbithi Offer?

Simbithi Eco-Estate hosts a variety of different facilities and amenities to keep their beloved residents as well as holiday makers entertained. The activities on offer suit people from all walks of life. From the avid golf lovers who enjoy the pristine peacefulness of a top-tier golf course while challenging themselves on each shot to become better at the game. To the adrenalin junkies who enjoy the freedom that comes riding their bicycles through narrow trails and pushing themselves to the limit as they tackle every obstacle and tight corner that lay in front of them. There is truly something for everyone.

Here is a list of different activities that Simbithi has to offer:

1. Community Centres:

Simbithi has five different community centres that are spread out within the Estate. Each community centre hosts a variety of other activities in order to suit everyone’s preferences. Some of these include swimming pools, fishing spots, braai areas, and even a sporting field that is perfect for social games of cricket or rugby. The largest of the community centres and the most popular is the Heron community centre. Heron offers residents and guests an array of activities, from the giant swimming pool and miniature golf course to the fantastic restaurant overlooking the spectacular Heron dam. This makes it the perfect place for some quality family time.

Heron Community Centre in Simbithi Eco-Estate - North Coast Holiday Homes

2. Golf:

The so-called ‘Center Piece’ of Simbithi is undoubtedly the magnificent 18-hole golf course designed by Peter Matkovich. Thoughtfully-placed greens that hold a well-struck shot, pristine fairways, and attractive bunkering combine to create a memorable golfing experience. All 18 holes are designed in the style of an executive golf course. The course is played at a par of 60, giving golfers the opportunity to achieve a score in the 50’s. However, this is a tough, challenging course consisting of a few tricky par-3s. The most challenging hole on the course is the infamous 14th. It has been given the name “Mhlabathini” which means “country of white, sandy soil.” The hole stretches over 400 meters towards an uphill landing area. From there, a precisely calculated shot is required to land the ball on the tiny, elevated green. These combinations of factors are the reason why the Simbithi golf course is one of the country’s best.

Golf Cousre of Simbithi Eco-Estate - North Coast Holiday Homes

3. Walking/Mountain Biking Trails:

Simbithi Eco-Estate boasts five different trails for mountain bikers and hikers alike, each with varying lengths and difficulties that suit people with varying levels of experience and fitness. The longest of the five trails is about 10 kilometers long, as it takes through the entire Estate. Each of the trails are clearly marked with its own uniquely coloured trail markers that ensure no one becomes lost or disorientated during their journey. These trails meander through the beautiful habitats that are on the Estate, including vast coastal forests, swamp forests, and grasslands that each offer their own spectacular scenery. The trails also provide the opportunity to share an encounter with many of Simbithi’s wildlife. Bushbuck, Duiker, Large-spotted Genet, Lesser Bushbaby, Vervet Monkeys, Scrub Hare, and Mongoose are among the many types of wildlife which can be spotted while traveling through the trails.

Natural wildlife within Simbithi Eco-Estate - North Coast Holiday Homes

Why Visit Simbithi?

Simbithi Eco-Estate is the ultimate destination for holiday makers. The combination of different factors, such as location, activities, and luxury, all contribute to creating experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

Here is a list of a few factors that attract people to Simbithi:

1. Luxury Accommodation:

With roughly 2,000 upmarket residences within Simbithi, from spectacular 5-bedroom mansions to luxurious 3-bedroom suites, all with exceptional attention to detail. These luxurious homes are designed in the contemporary style boasting extravagant, bespoke features and décor while offering great amenities such as pools, ensuite bathrooms, and spectacular views over the vast wilderness within the Estate.

There is truly an opportunity for every kind of person to find their perfect holiday home.

Luxury 4-bedroom home in Simbithi Eco-Estate - North Coast Holiday Homes

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2. Location:

Simbithi Eco-Estate is nestled in between the famous holiday town of Ballito and the peaceful beach town of Salt Rock. This makes for superb convenience for the residents and guests of Simbithi, allowing them to travel a mere 10-minute drive into the neighboring towns. Ballito and Salt Rock host a variety of different shopping centres, such as the Ballito Junction Mall and the Ballito Lifestyle Shopping Centre, both of which have excellent restaurants for dining out as well as numerous other stores perfect for a shopping spree.

Lifestyle Shopping Centre near Simbithi Eco-Estate - North Coast Holiday Homes

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Simbithi also offers direct beach access to its residents and guests. The beach access gate lies only 50 meters from the very popular Thompsons Bay Beach. With lifeguard presence and a unique tidal pool alongside the great ‘Hole in The Wall’ that is a popular attraction for holiday makers, it is indeed the perfect place for a family outing.

Thompsons Bay tidal pool near Simbithi Eco-Estate - North Coast Holiday Homes

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3. Activities:

There is a variety of fun activities in the areas surrounding Simbithi Eco-Estate that are sure to keep you, and the entire family entertained. From Flag Animal Farm, where parents and children are able to run free alongside all kinds of farm animals while going on fun, exciting adventures such as pony rides and water slides. To the thrilling experience of Adventure Valley, home to the tallest zipline in Southern Africa, where you can soar through the sky and over the canopy. North Coast has many activities to keep the whole family entertained.

Adventure Valley zipline near Simbithi Eco-Estate - North Coast Holiday Homes

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How to Share the Experience.

We would love for you to come share the experience and witness the beauty of Simbithi Eco-Estate first hand. With unlimited entertainment and the opportunity to create long-lasting memories that will resonate with you throughout your stay. We can help you arrange the perfect getaway for the whole family.

Contact us here to book your perfect holiday.

North Coast Holiday Homes is a leading luxury holiday let company specialising in the Dolphin Coast area, including Ballito, Simbithi and Zimbali. Their expertise is second to none, and you can rest assured that your luxury holiday on the Dolphin Coast will be a memory to last a lifetime.

Have you been to Ballito or are you planning a trip? We would love to hear from you! Get involved with our community, post your questions, tips and comments below.

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