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EAT OUT IN BALLITO - Top 10 Restaurants in Ballito

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

With so many restaurants to choose from, visitors to Ballito are spoilt for choice.

We have tested and reviewed our favourite local restaurants and have listed our top 10 favourites for you to try.


Specializing in: Portuguese cuisine (well known for their chicken and seafood)

Address: 4 Boulevard Centre, Compensation Beach Road.

Child-friendly play area

Open 12pm - 9:30pm daily

Reservations: 066-242-2973

Mozambik in Ballito close to your North Coast Holiday Home Ballito Airbnb

With its roots firmly set in passion and its flavours unapologetically Afro Porto, the Mozambik restaurant group is fast becoming one of South Africa’s leading dining brands.

Inspired by the Afro-Porto fusion cuisine of Mozambik, the brand’s organic evolution has led to its current positioning; the taste of escape. It is a multi-sensory brand that is built around customer experience. In other words, dining at a Mozambik store delivers high quality and tasty cuisine with an exceptional atmosphere and high service levels. Visiting Mozambik is like a mini holiday, a break, a taste of escape.

From traditional fare such as prawns through to Mozambik’s famous chicken, the menu offers a wide variety of taste experiences.


Specializing in: Steak, pizza, seafood

Address: 63 Compensation Beach Road.

Open from 12pm -10pm daily

Reservations: 032-946-1029 or 063-227-2449

Fiamma Grill in Ballito close to your North Coast Holiday Home Ballito Airbnb

Owner inspired and run, we are a combination of four parts to the whole.

If you have had the opportunity of coming through to us, you most certainly would have either had the chance in meeting Fabien, Sean, Aryn or Lisa. We are your hosts.

We create and motivate our team to bring you a pleasurable experience for any occasion and are often seen in various areas of the restaurant creating iconic dishes for the pallet. We truly hope you enjoy your experience with us as our every effort goes into making your visit as a customer a memorable one.


Specializing in: Portuguese Steakhouse

Address: Shop 6 Lifestyle Center, Ballito.

Open 11am -10pm daily

Reservations: 032-946-2388

Beira Alta in Ballito close to your North Coast Holiday Home Ballito Airbnb

Our food is prepared using only the freshest ingredients, herbs and spices. Our family tradition is to cook from the heart with recipes handed down from generation to generation, which has evolved into Portuguese Cuisine with an African Influence.

The menu has, from its inception, earned a reputation for its flame grilled chickens and platters piled high with pan-fried prawns, smothered with a blend of spices, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.

The South African desire for red meat remains unabated so Beira Alta serves unashamedly large portions, smothered in Chef’s unique sauces, guaranteed to keep any meat eater happy. Seafood however, remains the top seller. Traditional recipes to tickle your taste buds served plain or spicy ” A constant commitment to quality and a fierce refusal to compromise has and will keep Beira Alta flourishing for many years! “


Specializing in: Mediterranean - Seafood platters

Address: 14 Edward Place, Ballito (on the beach).

Open 11:30am -8:30pm daily

Reservations: 032-946-3574

Al Pescatore in Ballito close to your North Coast Holiday Home Ballito Airbnb

Al Pescatore, Italian and Seafood Restaurant in Ballito, North Coast, offer a unique culinary experience with the owner designing original specials each and every day. What more can one ask for than a breathtaking view of the ever-changing Indian ocean, the finest food and a delightful team that is at your service. Al Pescatore is one of the oldest and still one of the most popular restaurants on the North Coast. The secret to their success, owner Trevor Wolf believes, is the fact that they have been willing to change with the times. Al Pescatore started out as an Italian Trattoria but because of the change in the market, the restaurant has evolved into more of a Mediterranean / seafood restaurant.


Specializing in: Pizza and Pasta

Address: Shop H5 Ballito Junction Mall.

Open: Monday - Friday 10:am -8pm

Saturday & Sunday 8am - 8pm

Kiddies play area with jumping castle

Reservations: 032-946-2214

Pappa G's in Ballito close to your North Coast Holiday Home Ballito Airbnb

Located in the heart of Ballito, you can find us in Ballito Junction right next to the Pick n’ Pay!

We are an Italian Ristoranté that takes tremendous pride in our cuisine, our meals are carefully crafted to the utmost perfection to ensure we provide the most fulfilling experience for our customers!

Your hosts, Manos and Toni will always greet you with a warm welcome and a hearty smile.

Great food and great atmosphere, this family friendly restaurant is one of our local family favourites.


Specializing in: Steak House- Well known for Potjies and prime cuts

Address: 640A Ballito Junction Regional Mall Leonora &, Ballito Dr, Ballito.

Open 12pm -10pm daily

Reservations: 032-586-0975

Turn 'n Tender in Ballito close to your North Coast Holiday Home Ballito Airbnb

We’ve become known for our love of great steak, excellent taste in wines and our warm and welcoming atmosphere where customers become friends.

We are the place for all those special celebrations and everyday occasions because here is where you create a lifetime of memories over a meal.

We pride ourselves in formulating the most delectable dishes including a variety of steaks, beef ribs, chicken, duck, lamb, game and fresh fish.


Specializing in: Greek Cuisine - Lamb chops

Address: 12B Compensation Beach Road, Ballito.

Open 12pm -9pm daily

Reservations: 032-586-0493

Nikos in Ballito close to your North Coast Holiday Home Ballito Airbnb

Established in 2017, Nikos Coalgrill Greek is a fusion of home-style cooking and generous portions. Using traditional Greek family recipes, adapted to our unique South African palate and style of cooking, Nikos food is packed with modern flavours and homemade generosity.

Visit Nikos for the freshest Greek & Mediterranean inspired food, where we marry contemporary dining with home-style Greek cooking that is coal-grilled to perfection.


Specializing in: World inspired, pizza, burgers sushi,

Address: Ballito Lifestyle Centre, CNR 398/445 Main Road Ballito.

Open 11am -9pm Tuesday - Sunday

Reservations: 032-586-8168

45 on eat street in Ballito close to your North Coast Holiday Home Ballito Airbnb

Experience discernment made simple at 45 on Eat Street. This is a place for Ballito families and friends to connect and feel comfortable in a sophisticated yet casual environment. More than just a place to eat incredible food, you will find stunning décor and design and superb service. The attention to detail is evident in the spaces, the furnishings, the crockery and cutlery, the food and the plating, all adding up to a polished yet uncomplicated experience.

At 45 on Eat Street, you can be with the ones you cherish, share good food, real talk, and great music, indulge in the things that set you on fire, relish every detail, take it slow, and make it count.


Specializing in: Italian, mediterranean, grill and seafood

Address: Shop 1, The Well Centre, Albertina

Large kiddies play area and jungle gyms.

Open Monday - Friday - 10am - 9pm

Saturday - 8am - 9pm

Sunday 8am - 3pm

Reservations: 032-946-1527

La Piazza in Ballito close to your North Coast Holiday Home Ballito Airbnb

La Piazza Restaurant is a quality Italian Restaurant that has it all. La Piazza exudes that authentic European ambience serving scrumptious authentic Italian food from breakfast through lunch to dinner. Immense hospitality is second nature to young host and restaurant owner, Marco, whose Northern Italian origins influence his relaxed approach to welcoming and treating guests like family. Both the breakfast and lunch/dinner menus include a wide variety of delicious options and there's an excellent selection of soft drinks, wine, cocktails and other beverages. In true Italian style, La Piazza is a family-friendly restaurant where children are most welcome and encouraged. With an in-store Pizza / Doh play section for the little ones as well a Playstation section and outdoor Jungle Gym, there's more than enough to keep them busy. Visit us and see for yourself.


Specializing in: Pub food - well known for their ribs!

Address: No 1 Karibu Farm, Old Main Road, Umhlali

Kiddies Play area

Live Music: Friday - Sunday

Open 11am -9pm Monday - Thursday

8am - 10pm - Saturdays

8am - 3pm - Sundays

Reservations: Dianne - 032-947-0520

Old North Karibu in Ballito close to your North Coast Holiday Home Ballito Airbnb

Old North Karibu is a place where all ages play!

A hidden gem set alongside a dam on the Karibu farm in Umhlali KZN. The location is perfect for all who visit, as it takes you out of the hustle and bustle of traffic, and everyday life. There is ample parking and the dam area offers a beautiful bush type view and environmental ambience. The kids are catered for with a trampoline and a wooden adventure structure. Perfect place to kick back and enjoy live music (most weekends) and a chilled pub vibe in the evenings.

Have you had an amazing dining experience in Ballito? Let us know in the comments below. If you think we have missed a venue off the list then let us know. We are always updating the list with the newest and best dining in Ballito.

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