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Read the blog by north coast holiday homes to find a beach to play football at sunset
  • Marion Esterhuizen


Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Are you looking to spend a holiday on Kwazulu Natal North Coast? But you don’t know the area or what to do while you are on vacation to keep your family and friends entertained?

North Coast Holiday Homes have some great information for you to ensure that you fall in love with our beautiful town. This week, we will introduce you to our North Coast Beaches and tidal pools. Let the journey begin.

A beautiful sunset over the Ballito coastline

The North Coast’s warm waters and year-long sunny skies make it the ideal location for a holiday along the seashore. Our bustling beaches can keep you fully entertained for days with exciting water sports and activities, while our more secluded beaches allow for lazing in the shallows and tanning on the soft sands.

Clarke Bay

Clarke Bay is a popular beach in Ballito with plenty of surfing and deep-sea fishing, as well as a trendy spot for those who enjoy the North Coast’s nightlife. The famous Ballito New year’s Eve street party happens in the vicinity of Clarke Bay.

Clarke Bay is one of the most popular beaches near your Ballito Airbnb

Clarke Bay Beach is an ideal beach for families, it is surrounded by shark nets and lifeguards are on duty to ensure you and your children’s safety. There are areas marked off with flags that point out the safe areas to swim in. It also has a warm tidal pool, a great place for kiddies to splash around while Mum and Dad relax in the sun. Don’t forget your bucket and spade to build some amazing sandcastles, just remember to watch the tide so your art doesn’t get swept away!

The stretch of beach is also a popular destination for surfers because of its great left break so bring along your surfboard, boogie board or kitesurfer, whichever you prefer to get your adrenaline flowing.

When you want to take a break from the sun, why not peruse the many great Ballito restaurants nearby! Bring along your family and friends and relax away from the crowds!

Clarke Bay Facilities

Swimming, Surfing, Sunbathing, Life Guards (seven days a week), Shark Nets, Beach Games, Kite Flying, Tidal Pool and Restaurants Nearby.

Admission to Clarke Bay

There is no admission fee charged

Best during daylight hours

Willard Beach

Besides being a stunning stretch of beach and sheltered coves, Willard Beach is also protected by shark nets and lifesavers, drawing in many tourists. The Ballito Pro surfing event takes place at this beach.

Willard Beach in Ballito is popular with locals and tourists

Willard Beach is considered Ballito’s main beach which makes it a prime hotspot for every holiday-maker. It is currently participating in the Pilot Blue Flag Program. Pilot status is an ‘apprenticeship’ to become a full Blue Flag beach, once certain upgrades are made and amenities provided.

The beach offers amazing waters for both surfers and body boarders, with regular competitions being held here. Scuba divers and microlite pilots love this area - it is breathtakingly beautiful from both underwater and from the sky!

There are tidal pools for little explorers to enjoy, plus the life guards on duty make it the perfect place for youngsters. While they play about in the tidal pools, adults can catch up on some sunbathing or a little beach sport themselves. Willard Beach is also a perfect place to take a leisurely stroll along the sandy shores. If you like long walks on the beach, this is the place to be!

The promenade begins here and runs south, hugging the coastline until Salmon Bay. Popular with joggers, pram pushers and dog walkers. Willard beach is in a prime spot, close to restaurants, shops and the skateboard park. Ballito’s pride and joy beach, but if you don’t like crowds perhaps choose one of the more secluded beaches along the Dolphin Coast.

Willard Beach Facilities

Tidal Pool, swimming, surfing, Scuba Diving, Body Boarding, Kite Boarding, Sunbathing, Picnics, Beach Games, Kite Flying, Restaurants Nearby, Life Guards, First Aid Station.

Admission to Willard Beach

There is no admission fee

Best during daylight hours.

Thompson’s Bay

Thompson’s Bay is a must for all tourists with its Charlie’s Pool (tidal pool) and a unique rock formation creating a beautiful photograph opportunity among the many well-positioned rocks.

Thompson's Bay is a beautiful swimming beach near your Ballito Holiday Home

Thompson's Bay Beach is also known as the “hole in the wall” due to it being tucked neatly between Ballito and Shaka’s Rock. It is possibly the most beautiful beach in all of Ballito making it the prime spot for tourists - during the holiday seasons be prepared for some crowds!

It is heavily encouraged for visitors to explore the beach as much as possible, the rocky outcrops to the north give you incredible views over the entire area and the trails to the south will guide you to some of the most secluded and beautiful spots in Ballito. Thompson's Bay Beach is arguably one of the most beautiful swimming beaches on the North Coast - exploring this beach is a must!

Since the beach sits in a cove, it is sheltered perfectly from the wind allowing visitors to soak in some rays without the worry of being sandblasted while they do so. Thompson's Beach is also well-known for safe swimming with lifeguards on duty and shark nets in place so the beach is perfect for the whole family. “Charlie’s Pool”, an amazing tidal pool offers a bit more security for younger swimmers and the elderly, plus is perfect for snorkelling and looking at an abundance of marine life. For more experienced swimmers and surfers, the beach can sometimes produce super point breaks!

A set of stairs from the beach lead to an area called High Rock. Fishermen often sit and fish here and it is also a great place where visitors can do a bit of whale watching! High Rock also has spectacular views over the other beaches in Ballito, all the way up to Salt Rock.

Thompson’s Bay Facilities

Swimming, Surfing, Kite Boarding and Snorkeling. Enjoy Fishing (not in the tidal pool), Picnics, Play Beach Games, Kite Flying, Tidal Pool, Sunbathing, Whale Watching, Beach Trails, Life Guards & Shark Nets, Discover Restaurants Nearby, Parking (Paid Parking in Holiday Season)

Admission to Thompson’s Bay

There is no admission fee charged.

Open daily during daylight hours

Shaka’s Rock

This beach is a popular attraction for tourists to relax in its glorious tidal pool and snorkel among the colourful coral and sea life during the day or night.

Shaka's Rock near your Ballito Vacation Rental has a great tidal pool for swimming

Shaka's Rock (Chaka's Rock) is possibly one of the richest beaches in Ballito (for its variety of sea life) the rocky shores in this area are a must do for any visitor looking for something to do and places to go. It is the only beach on our Coastline where coral grow abundantly so close to shore. Take a walk along the rocks at low tide (south) and explore the many bays that are neatly tucked away along the coastline. Shaka’s Rock is easy to get to but fills up quickly. Parking can be a problem during busy seasons. Rock pools are beautiful but are full of urchins, stonefish and scorpionfish – please be careful. Fishing is not allowed in the tidal pool and the fish are protected.

Shaka’s Rock Facilities

Swimming, Surfing, Snorkeling, Kite Boarding, Fishing (not in the tidal pool), Sunbathing, Picnics, Beach Games, Kite Flying, Tidal Pool, Whale Watching, Beach Trails, Life Guards & Shark Nets, Restaurants Nearby, Parking (Paid Parking in Holiday Season)

Admission to Shaka’s Rock

There is no admission fee charged.

Open daily during daylight hours

Salt Rock Beach

The serene and tranquil shores make this the perfect beach for immersing yourself in an enjoyable book. The beach hosts massive crowds during the free music concerts of the Ballito Pro Event. This beach is a popular attraction for tourists to relax in its glorious tidal pool and snorkel among the colourful coral and sea-life during the day or night.

Salt Rock beach near your Zimbali Airbnb is popular for swimming

Salt Rock Beach, on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal, offers a beautiful and safe place to swim. Not only is the water warm, but there are shark nets as well as lifeguards on duty to keep you and your loved ones safe. There is a large tidal pool that sits on the edge of the beach, perfect for the little ones to play in, safe from the ocean currents and in good view of parents sunbathing on the sand!

The beach offers great facilities for swimmers and surfers alike, with ablution facilities and showers, it is perfect for anyone after a long day in the water. The beach is surrounded by palm trees, a sunbathers’ delight, as they help break the wind so as not to blow sand everywhere. The Palm trees also provide perfect shade and scenery for picnics!

If you like diving or snorkelling, then the reefs are a must for any explorer as you will be certain to see an abundance of marine life swimming around. This also allows anglers the perfect fishing spots, with a little patience and good timing, fishers can haul some great catches!

The beach can get a little crowded during the holiday seasons so be sure to get there early if you want a good spot. Enjoy an early morning walk and enjoy one of the most spectacular sunrises on the East coast!

Salt Rock Beach Facilities

Swimming, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Fishing, Ablution and Shower Facilities, Sunbathing, Life Guards (seven days a week), Picnics, Beach Games, Kite Flying, Tidal Pool.

Admission to Salt Rock Beach

There is no admission fee charged

Open daily, best during daylight hours

Use this map to find the best beaches near your north coast holiday home

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