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Flag Animal Farm - Where everyone is family!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Family-friendly activities along KZN North Coast.

Your Ballito holiday would not be complete without a visit to the Flag Animal Farm.

Flag Animal Farm is a local, firm favourite and for good reason!

Flag animal farm nearby your Ballito Airbnb with North Coast Holiday Homes

Flag Animal farm was opened more than 15 years ago and is owner run and managed. Over the years it has transformed into a welcoming sanctuary for all animal species. With more than 1000 animals, 80% of which are rescued or abandoned.

Flag Farm has recently become a C.R.O.W. depot and assists with wildlife rescues on their behalf.

Although Flag Animal Farm is the number one choice for all children under the age of 14, their shaded, outdoor areas and relaxing café area, make this a perfect place for the entire family!

The Farm is an animal’s paradise and is amazingly clean, well maintained and spacious. They are constantly upgrading and have recently opened their own SPLASH PARK!

The facilities are well laid out and there is plenty of space for the animals and visitors to mingle effortlessly. Animal enclosures are generous and well stocked with stimulating toys and treats.

The animals are incredibly loved, all with their own unique name, history and mischievous personalities. These animals are not skittish and will come to you for a treat and a head scratch.

Many animals are allowed to roam free throughout the park and will follow you if you allow. They sample your carrots and bunny pellets that are sold on entry to the farm.

Other animals are provided with large enclosures, where they are kept safe from the bustling crowds and the enthusiastic children.

Be sure to look out for Anna, the premature lamb that enjoys following you around the farm. She likes to sample the carrots and pellets before you hand them out to her friends.

Cappuccino is a lazy goat that can be found lying around the park. She sleeps on the tables, chairs and likes to announce her arrival in the reception area to anyone willing to acknowledge her "VIP" presence.

The huge Iguana, that loves to perch on Kameron’s shoulders while they stroll around the farm and the friendly Ball Python if you are brave enough to handle her.

If you are lucky enough to spot Tweet, the tame Indian Myna that was rehabilitated and released on the farm, be sure to say hi. Tweet was released back into the wild but he loves the farm so much that he is now nesting on the premises. He loves to greet all visitors and if you listen carefully, he will say hello to you.

Follow Flag Animal Farm on Facebook to get updates on all their farm animals, their journeys and their generous love and constant spoiling!

Flag Animal Farm - 032 947 2018

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Have you been to Flag Animal Farm? Tell us how many of our favourite residents you got to meet and interact with, in the comments below. Which was your favourite?

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