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Read the blog by north coast holiday homes to find a beach to play football at sunset
  • Megan Labuschagne

Preparing to leave for a memorable beach holiday: Your pre-travel guide

Everything you need to know to ensure your holiday with North Coast Holiday Homes is one of the most special holidays. With research and experiences that have been compiled, this blog will make going away a breeze. Read all of our tips and tricks below.


Planning and booking are key to ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience when it comes to preparing for a holiday. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not planning and booking ahead of time, leaving everything to the last-minute causes unwanted and unnecessary stress. By planning ahead and booking early, you can save money and the disappointment with your favourite home being yours.

A handy checklist to remember all the things you would need on your beach holiday

As packing can be a nightmare and it is very easy to often forget some of your important things behind, North Coast Holiday Homes has created a printable checklist to ensure you do not forget anything at home and are prepared for beach activities.

7 Things you should do to your home before you leave for a beach holiday

To avoid coming home from a relaxing holiday and cleaning up the mess from stinky, rotten food that was left in the fridge too long, or laundry that was forgotten about in the washing machine that has now gone sour. Before you escape reality to go on an exceptional beach holiday, here are a few tips to remember to avoid before your relaxation gets shattered after arriving home.

1. Tidy up your home

Clean up your home before you leave for holiday.

2. Clean out the fridge

Freeze, eat or toss out any food in your fridge that could spoil while you are on holiday.

Take out the trash

It is worth reiterating that you should make sure to take out the trash before you leave.

3. Double–check the laundry

It’s easy to forget obvious things. The last load of laundry you forget to take out the washing machine.

4. Take precautions for a fire

Make sure to unplug electronics around the house. Not only to save you on your electricity bill but to also lower the risk of an electrical fire.

5. Lights

Don’t forget to turn off the lights around the house.

6. Doors and Windows

Make sure all doors are locked. Make sure all windows are closed and latched as monkeys can be a nuisance.

7. Geyser

Don’t forget to turn off your geyser before you leave.

Stress-free travel day

North Coast Holiday Homes provide everything a guest will need. North Coast Holiday Homes will provide guests with GPS coordinates to the home, what restaurants are in the area as well as all the popular swimming beaches and tidal pools. North Coast Holiday Homes also provide guests with instructions on our guest website on how appliances work and where to go in Zimbali to get to the beach, the hotel or the Valley of the Pools.

With all that being said always remember to book and plan ahead of time, to use our handy checklist while packing, clean up your home before you leave to avoid mess and bad smells and trust in North Coast Holiday Homes to help you with your holiday experience.

North Coast Holiday Homes is a leading luxury holiday let company specialising in the Dolphin Coast area, including Ballito, Simbithi and Zimbali. Their expertise is second to none, and you can rest assured that your luxury holiday on the Dolphin Coast will be a memory to last a lifetime.

Looking to book your perfect holiday?

Get in touch today for more information on how we can help you find your perfect holiday home!

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