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  • Megan Labuschagne

6 Must-See Tidal Pools On The North Coast.

The KZN North Coast is home to numerous tidal pools scattered along the coastline. These tidal pools offer a variety of sea life like mussels, crabs, sea snails, starfish, and an array of marine life. These tidal pools provide a ton of fun for the whole family, from loathing in the calm waters to getting splashed by waves. Depending on what you are in the mood for, Ballito tidal pools have it all!

Ballito Bay Tidal Pool

Ballito’s main tidal pool is situated between Clarke Bay and Salmon Bay. The main Ballito beach promenade to the tidal pool makes it easily accessible. This big beach is often filled with families enjoying the beach and tidal pools together.

The Ballito Tidal Pool is a beautiful way to spend the day out for tiny tots and grown-ups. There are two pools, a larger one for adults who’d like to swim in the ocean without the risk of being exposed to rip currents. In addition, there is a smaller pool for kids to play and splash around in. This tidal pool is a cornered-off area that fills up when the tide comes in. The pools are also filled with plenty of sea life like mussels, crabs, sea snails and starfish living within the walls of the pools.

Located in front of the Ballito Village, with an abundance of restaurants, such as the famous restaurant Concha. This restaurant will allow you to enjoy the best food Ballito offers and Italian ice cream for those hot summer days.

Ballito Bay Tidal Pool

Thompsons bay rock pool

The bustling Thompson’s Bay Rock Pool, also known as Charlie’s Pool, is perhaps one of the area's biggest and most well-known tidal pools. In addition to being full of sea life, this tidal pool is also home to one of the south-most coral colonies in Africa and an array of marine life to observe. It’s suitable for both swimming and snorkeling, making it popular with locals and visitors. It is approximately 90 meters long, making it popular with swimmers lapping the pool. Lifesavers are on duty at the tidal pool and ablution facilities are available for bathers and outside showers.

The hole in the wall is situated at the far end of the tidal pool and allows you to access a secluded bay. Climbing up on the bays beach rocks offers wonderful ocean views and is great for whale spotting.

This tidal pool is worth visiting if you are looking for things to do in Ballito.

Thompsons Bay Tidal  Pool

Chaka’s Rock Cove Tidal Pool

The Chaka’s Rock cove can be found through a beach access pathway just below Salt Café. This hidden gem is perfect for lazing in the warm water and enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

There is no doubt that Chaka's Rock is the most accessible tidal pool with abundant biodiversity. Even though it is not the largest tidal pool in Ballito, its marine life is simply incredible. This tidal pool does get cold in the afternoon during winter, so be sure to catch it in the early morning. With an abundance of on-street parking, this tidal pool is worth visiting.

Chaka's Rock Tidal Pool

Salt Rock’s Granny’s Pool

Located just below Siggi’s restaurant, the Granny’s Pool is shallow and calm, perfect for the little ones to swim around and explore some sea creatures. Although Granny’s Pool is a tidal pool on the larger main beach of Salt Rock, it has earned its rights for being the beach of choice for families after safe and fun swimming.

With both rocky and sandy parts, this tidal pool makes it entertaining for little ones to swim and explore. The ripples from the waves breaking on top of the rocks make getting splashed a blast for the kids. This tidal pool is situated on the main Salt Rock beach, a swimming and surfing hotspot. Surfing and kitesurfing are very popular here because of the excellent conditions.

The beach itself is fantastic for beach games, walks, picnics, or reading a fascinating book. It is quieter than many of the other Dolphin Coast beaches. This beach is known for its sunny conditions that last almost all year round.

Salt Rock Granny's Pool

Tinley Manor Tidal Pool

A tidal pool in Tinley Manor is hidden below a large hill, which is large enough for adults to swim in the warm water or take laps. Although not well-known, this tidal pool is one of the finest places to explore the incredible variety of sea life this quiet beach has to offer.

This tidal pool is a step off the beaten track for snorkelers who have tested out all the best spots near home. It is an exciting and different place to experience. Working up an appetite is no problem at this beach. With restaurants right on the beach, it is quick and easy to grab some of the delicious meals South Africa has to offer.

Tinley Manor Tidal Pool

The “Secret” Tidal Pool

The so-called “secret” tidal pool is hidden between Willard's and Thompson's Bay. This small, but extremely fun, tidal pool resembles an ocean water hot tub and is great for relaxing in. Tucked away into the side of a rock bank this tiny pool can comfortably accommodate two or three people. Make sure you find the "Secret" tidal pool at Ballito the next time you walk on the beach.

The Secret Tidal Pool


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