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Spectacular Offers From North Coast Holiday Homes

North Coast Holiday Homes specialize in creating memorable experiences for their guests by meeting each and every one of their needs during their stay. North Coast Holiday Homes offers a wide variety of packages in order to make your stay even more memorable. From camping cots for the little ones to golf carts for avid golf lovers, North Coast Holiday Homes has it all.

Here is a comprehensive list of the different packages on offer:


1. Family Packages:

Baby Equipment:

Guests are given the opportunity to hire a variety of baby equipment to make their stay more comfortable for the little ones. North Coast Holiday Homes can make arrangements to have baby equipment delivered to the property before your arrival.

These include:

- Camping Cots

- High Chairs

- Car Seats

- Prams

Beach Supplies:

North Coast Holiday Homes provides guests with a multitude of supplies for some family fun in the sun while enjoying the pristine beaches along the KZN North Coast. With buckets and spades for the youngsters to build marvelous sand castles, as well as bodyboards for splashing around and surfing the waves. Mom and dad can also receive some extra towels and beach umbrellas for some comfort and relaxation.

Baby Sitting:

Guests can request to have a professional babysitter look after their precious children. They can take full advantage by leaving their children in trusted hands while having some much-needed grown-up time.

Birthday Party Decorations:

Upon request, the North Coast Holiday Homes team can personally decorate and set up a home for kiddies’ birthday parties. With great attention to detail, along with personalized items and balloons, they can ensure an extra special surprise upon arrival.

Family Holiday - North Coast Holiday Homes


2. Golf Packages:

Golf Cart:

North Coast Holiday Homes have their very own golf carts that can be made available for guests to hire out during their stay. The golf cart will make travelling through the Zimbali Estate more convenient and enjoyable as the fresh breeze flows through your hair. The golf cart is also perfect for a quick round of golf on the prestigious Zimbali Golf Course.

Golfing Equipment:

Guests do not have to worry about packing their large and heavy golf bags on their next trip away. North Coast Holiday Homes give them the option to rent a full set of golf clubs along with a bag of golf balls, tees and umbrellas to use throughout their stay.

Golf Bookings:

North Coast Holiday Homes can organize and book a round of golf at any of our top 4 golf courses for guests upon request. This makes life so much easier and more convenient for guests as they no longer have to book at last minute.

Golf Holiday - North Coast Holiday Homes


3. Couples Packages:

Private Chef:

Guests are able to experience the luxury of a private chef who can cook and prepare a delightful 3-course meal in the comfort of their holiday home. Guests can choose and decide on a personal menu, making for an intimate and special evening with their partners.

Romantic Beach Picnic:

Upon request, North Coast Holiday Homes can make arrangements to organize the perfect picnic on the beach. Guests can take the time to enjoy a peaceful and intimate moment with their loved ones while taking in the breathtaking scenery of the North Coast’s beautiful beaches.

Romantic Set-Ups:

For those who are planning a romantic surprise for a special person, North Coast Holiday Homes can personally set up and decorate the home to their liking. Whether it is for an anniversary, proposal or any other special occasion, North Coast Holiday Homes will make it happen.

Couple Holiday - North Coast Holiday Homes


4. Group Packages:

Private Wine Tasting:

For guests who have an acquired taste for the finer things in life, North Coast Holiday Homes can plan for a private wine tasting from one of the best wineries in KZN. Get the opportunity to enjoy a wide selection of fine wines while making lasting memories with friends.

Spa Treatment:

Take the time to put your feet up and enjoy the luxury of a full spa day. North Coast Holiday Homes can book pedicures, manicures and massages for guests that deserve some much-needed time for themselves while in the comfort of your holiday home or around the pool.

Group Holiday -  North Coast Holiday Homes


5. Extras:


Create memories that will last a lifetime while on your next getaway with friends and family. North Coast Holiday Homes can arrange for a professional photoshoot with one of the best and most well-known photographers in the Ballito area.

Grocery Deliveries:

Vacations are for relaxing and not having to worry about the mundane chores of normal daily life, so why not sit back and allow North Coast Holiday Homes to do your shopping for you? Upon request, North Coast Holiday Homes can take your shopping list and have your groceries delivered to the holiday home before your arrival so that you can kick back and enjoy some time off without even lifting a finger.

Relaxing Vacation - North Coast Holiday Homes

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