• Marion Esterhuizen


At The Litchi Orchard everyone celebrates good food - the way in which it is produced and the people who produce it.

Not only is The Litchi Orchard a functioning litchi farm, but it is a green haven of good food, décor and design. Over the years, it has become a meeting point for the North Coast community as well as a unique experience for visitors.

To complement the love for all things fresh and vibrant is our appreciation for the aesthetic – design and décor. The aim is to nurture and grow community spirit and appreciation for local food and fare.

From humble beginnings as a Wholesale Nursery in the middle of over 300 Litchi trees, to the rustic early Farmer’s Markets, our Litchi Orchard community has grown into a collective of passionate food, home & lifestyle small business owners.

This is a community of local talent and creativity.

The Litchi Orchard is home to the new mid-month Maker’s Market and the seasonal Orchard Nights events – but now additionally offer a range of food & lifestyle shops and eateries. The wholesale nursery of old is long gone but in its place is the verdant newly improved Muddy Boots Garden Centre. Come and explore the treasured Litchi Orchard offerings and meet the dynamic faces behind the cogs.

Seaforth Avenue Salt Rock Call 032 525 5118


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